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Frequently-Asked Questions

What is communication like in The Caribbean?

The Caribbean is well connected to the rest of the world. Direct international telephone services operate in most areas 24 hours a day, and telephone operators will gladly facilitate collect, third party or credit card calls. International faxes, cables and telegrams can be sent from most post offices. Email and Internet access is available too in most areas. Island-specific communication information can be found within the relevant Island fact sheet on the Islands page. You will also be able to check whether the Villa you have booked has Internet access and/or cable television within the specific villa fact sheet.

What are the additional payments I should expect to pay?

Departure tax is usually included within all scheduled flights - Charter passengers will need to pay this upon departure at the airport. Please see the relevant island fact sheet for island-specific airport taxes.

Guest accommodation taxes are included in the charge for villa rental. We suggest you pay 10% gratuity for high season villa bookings and -15% gratuity for low-season bookings -- this should be paid directly to villa staff at the end of your stay only.

You will also need to make allowances for food. Please check the villa information to ascertain whether the villa you are booking is self-catering, all-inclusive or staffed with a cook/chef who will prepare meals. In the case of staffed villas, you can provide a menu or one can be suggested to you. You will be asked prior to your arrival what you would like to eat as your first evening meal and breakfast the following morning. Villa staff are able to purchase groceries for your stay if you prepare a list with them. They will provide a receipt and you are required to settle the bill with them direct. Alternatively, and if you prefer to plan ahead, we can arrange your meals and groceries prior to your arrival - you can also arrange payment of this to help with your budgeting. You should also expect to pay for household items such as paper towels, and soaps the cost of the items will be included within your grocery costs.

If you have not booked tours/excursions transportation and other services through Oasis Places prior to your arrival, you will need to make allowances for these costs also.

Should I exchange my money before I arrive in The Caribbean?

Please check the island-specific information found within the Island fact sheet. Generally, it is not essential to exchange your money prior to arrival. In all resort areas, licensed cambios and bureaux de change are easily and readily accessible, and just about all currencies can be exchanged in banks.

What type of weather can I expect?

Island topography differs from island to island and this can contribute to climatic differences. Generally there are two rainy seasons from May to June and September to November. Hurricane season from June to September, There is little real variation in temperature year round, between December and April the weather is practically perfect for any activity every day. Tropical showers very rarely ruin holidays and are often a welcome break through the sun. Technological advances facilitate the prediction of Tropical storms.

I am planning to get married in The Caribbean, what do I need to know?

If you are planning a Caribbean Wedding, Oasis Places are the right people to be speaking with. We have island-based wedding planners, villas ideal for wedding venues or perfect accommodations for the couple, wedding party or guests. Oasis Places provide a range of wedding co-ordination, honeymoon registry, and vow renewal services Visit our weddings page for more information.

What electricity supply is used in The Caribbean?

Please see the relevant factsheet found on the Islands page for island-specific information about electricity supply.

Can I use my current driving licence during my vacation?

Island-specific driving requirements and recommendations can be found on the relevant island fact sheet found on the Islands page.

Which drugs are illegal in The Caribbean?

In The Caribbean, the use, sale, and possession of drugs such as ganja (marijuana), cocaine, crack, ecstasy, heroin and any other controlled substance is ILLEGAL. Violators are subject to severe punishments; specifically arrest, fine and imprisonment. DO NOT attempt to purchase, use, consume or transport ANY drug. If there is someone trying to sell you drugs, be firm and say NO!

Can I bring my pet with me?

Although rabies is not a danger the Caribbean you will need an import permit for any animal entering the region. Dogs and Cats are allowed into the region with a permit from Great Britain, Northern Ireland and Eire.

Please note many of the villas do not allow holidaymakers to bring pets with them.

Animals re-entering the originating country will be subject to that country's entry and quarantine rules. Please contact us for more information on bringing your pet into the Caribbean

What are the security arrangements during our stay?

All Villas represented within Jamaica are fully staffed; all villas represented within Jamaica and Tobago are staffed with night security (minimum between dusk and dawn)

Is the water safe to drink?

The water in the Caribbean is generally safe to drink with extensive water treatment and supply systems across the region. For those wary about drinking the water in a strange country, there are many brands of bottled and/or spring water that meet or exceed the highest international standards, available at most shops and restaurants

What if I require medical attention during my vacation?

Specific Island emergency contact information can be found on the relevant island factsheet. Following your villa booking you will be sent your specific arrival information which includes additional villa contact information including medical, fire and police assistance. The information will also include the Oasis Places out of hours contact number and/or Oasis Places island representative. We strongly recommend that you arrange adequate travel insurance prior to your departure. Your travel insurer should advise you of the procedure to be followed should you require medical assistance during your vacation.

Can I book my flight through Oasis Places?

Oasis Places do not currently book flights direct. We are working with a number of flight partners who are able to provide the necessary flight/payment protection. In order to co-ordinate your travel arrangements, we are able to book flights on your behalf. In these cases, we will provide you with the Atol Holder's details, Atol number and conditions at the time of booking.

Which documents will I need to enter The Caribbean?

Entry requirements can be found on the relevant island fact sheet on the Islands page.

I understand that Oasis Places supports Responsible Tourism -- What is this and how does this affect me?

The Oasis Places Responsible Tourism statement sets out our commitment to responsible tourism and how this is demonstrated through our practices, partnerships and policies. When you book your holiday villa, you will have the opportunity to donate to a community initiative (within the island that you are visiting) or generally to the Travel Foundation. You can find out how you can further contribute to responsible tourism during your holiday in The Travel Foundation's Insider Guide.

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